Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Christmas Treats

Hi :] Now that its christmas, the only thing I can think about is christmas treats. I can't wait for the ginger bread houses, the rispy treats and mostly the candy canes. My pesonal favorite is the strawberry, and chocolate flavored candy canes. But of course Christmas is not all about the treats, you should also take some time to sit down and enjoy the Christmas dinner with your family. Christmas is kind of like Thanks Giving where you stop for a day and think about all the things in life that you are thankful for. And when you take a day to realize that life is great no matter what because your life is full of people that love you. But then again treats always help make things better. :] Also if I know this website that has lots of awesome pictures for Christmas and since it's the season of giving and sharing imma give/share with you the website I know.
I hope you like it! :D

Monday, December 7, 2009

Christmas Talk.

It's finally December, and the Christmas cheer is in the air. Christmas is such a beautiful holiday, its full of excitment and giving. For this month's blog topic im going to dedicate it to Christmas, Im going to give u some pretty cool christmas songs that i like, and a link to a website where i think you can get some really cute blog templates are Christmas. Some of the songs are Christmas wish by Stacie Orrico, How christmas should be by Hilary Duff, Its christmas again by Varsity, and last it's a little upbeat song that i like, it's somewhat like the 12 days of christmas. You should try listening to it, I liked it. :D It's "I love christmas", I'll give you the link to all the songs below. The link im giving to you for the christmas blog template is I hope you like it. As for the songs there are the links :

P.s. I hope u like this month's blog topic, and if u have any suggestions please comment and tell me for next month's blog topic. :D

Saturday, November 21, 2009

My music discussion.

Hey, since this blog doesnt really have a specific topic, i think its good to start out with something we all have an opinion on. Like music! Different people have different taste in music, like rock, hip pop/ rap, R&B, country, classic, or punk. I personally like hip pop. :] Well i guess the one song that is best discribing how i feel at the moment is Final Destination- unknown. But I have to say my favorite song is Candle in the Wind- Yung Ram. If you find discussing music interesting then you should probably finish reading this blog and help extend it. If you decide to comment and share something about your self i want to know what type of music you're interested in, what songs is best describing you or your current feelings, and what's you're favorite song. Also give the artist's name or who sang/wrote the song, and if you like, maybe you can give us a link to one of your choisen songs. I hope you find my topic for this month's blog addiction interesting. :D

Also if you're interested in listening to any of the songs I mentioned above, here's a link.

- [FInal Destination]

- [Candle in the Wind]