Monday, December 7, 2009

Christmas Talk.

It's finally December, and the Christmas cheer is in the air. Christmas is such a beautiful holiday, its full of excitment and giving. For this month's blog topic im going to dedicate it to Christmas, Im going to give u some pretty cool christmas songs that i like, and a link to a website where i think you can get some really cute blog templates are Christmas. Some of the songs are Christmas wish by Stacie Orrico, How christmas should be by Hilary Duff, Its christmas again by Varsity, and last it's a little upbeat song that i like, it's somewhat like the 12 days of christmas. You should try listening to it, I liked it. :D It's "I love christmas", I'll give you the link to all the songs below. The link im giving to you for the christmas blog template is I hope you like it. As for the songs there are the links :

P.s. I hope u like this month's blog topic, and if u have any suggestions please comment and tell me for next month's blog topic. :D