Tuesday, January 12, 2010

2010 Support! :]

Hey so it's finally a new year :] i hope u all got ur new year resolution. I do! It's so i can be less lazy and get more things done. And one way to do that is to put more blogs up. Ok so over my winter break i was serching up some new music and there is this this girl on youtube, or at least i think its a girl... She's new on youtube and shes been putting up some really cool new songs. So far i love them! So I wanna share her with you :D Her youtube name is daangDorkiiex3 this is her home page ttp:// . My favorite video from her is Like My Nicotine by luunatic, but the resent uploaded video is Kiss That Picture by Yung Ram, which is also very good. So please check out her home page and support her :]
- (like my nicotine)
- (kiss that picture)